Guitar of the Month: G260 Alder

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The new Cort G260 Alder is a modern take on the timeless classic bolt-on electric guitars from the 60’s. The defining wood combination of this era was alder body on a maple neck with rosewood fretboard. This wood combo has been time-tested for over five decades and remains as popular as ever on production guitars as well as high-end custom jobs.


Now Cort brings this classic wood to the new G260 Alder. Alder excels where the electric guitar’s tonal frequency is most prominent: the midrange. Somewhat warmer and beefier sounding than the other classic bolt-on tonewood Swamp Ash, alder mates very well with rosewood’s smooth attack, blooming sustain and high-end presence. The result is a very versatile and well-rounded sound that works great in virtually any musical genre.


The G260 Alder also features modern appointments like the Wilkinson VS50II Tremolo, black TUSQ nut, and Cort’s locking tuners for great tuning stability, something that vintage guitars aren’t known for. The pickups are a pair of Cort’s own Vintage single-coil pickups and the Classic Rocker II humbucker in the bridge position for the utmost in tonal versatility. The classic look is rounded out with either tobacco sunburst finish with tortoise shell pickguard or seafoam green with white pickguard.


The G260 Alder is where classic vintage meets modern practicality in a superbly crafted instrument to perform admirably in virtually any musical environment and genre. Give the G260 Alder a whirl and hear the classic sounds while enjoying the playability offered by modern technical innovations.


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