Yvette Young's Adventure Spirit

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New Cort acoustic guitar artist Yvette Young brings youth, excitement, fresh new musical ideas and profound artistry to Cort’s growing roster of top-flight artists. Having studied Fine Arts and Visual Performing Arts education at UCLA, Yvette’s musical artistry draws from various influences ranging from modern rock and classical to folk and pop and fuses them in a unique brew. Yvette started on piano and violin at a young age and started playing the acoustic guitar in her teens as she absorbed more musical genres and styles.


Already highly respected by her peers as well as established artists and musicians, Yvette continues to grow as both a performer and writer, embarking on solo acoustic tours around the world as well as writing new material with her band Covet.


Yvette’s new acoustic guitar of choice is Cort’s new Grand Regal GA5F-MD acoustic-electric that provides her with the sonic quality, versatility and reliability she needs for both writing and her busy performance schedule.


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