Premier Guitar’s Review of the Cort B5 Plus AS Bass

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The Cort B5 Plus AS gets a thorough review from the highly acclaimed and visited Premier Guitar site. The B5 Plus has been a solid workhorse model in Cort’s bass lineup that provides superb high-end performance at a very reasonable price.


Working bass players need a bass that is reliable with solid workmanship to deliver performance gig after gig and which can be counted on during recording sessions. The B5 Plus was designed with the working bass player in mind for tonal versatility, ease of playability and rock-solid stability without breaking the bank.


Whether you are a pro bassist playing 5 gigs a week, a teacher with dozens of students or a session player on call, the Cort B5 Plus AS bass can be relied upon to deliver the performance you need. 

Check out the thorough review here:


And you can get more in-depth on Cort’s site:

Cort B5 Plus AS

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