Guitar Interactive Magazine Reviews the AS-OC4 All Mahogany

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Cort’s AS Series acoustic guitars represent the pinnacle of Cort’s dedication to manufacturing the best possible instruments and providing them at a wide range of price points. The new AS-OC4 All Mahogany is an example of the best that Cort can offer for the discriminating musician who cares as much about the fine nuances of sound as aesthetics and workmanship. Whether you are a fingerpicker, flatpicker, a strummer or combination of all the above, the AS-OC4 All Mahogany can cover all the bases as one of the most versatile acoustic guitars on the market today.


The following thorough video review from Guitar Interactive Magazine highlights all that the AS-OC4 All Mahogany is capable of to cover a variety of musical styles and genres in an authoritative manner.


Check out the review article here!


Dynamic and sensitive with plenty of volume and a wide soundstage, the AS-OC4 All Mahogany excels at polyphonic fingerstyle playing with superb tonal balance as well as for rapid-fire single-note playing and lush chordal rhythm playing. The superb sonic qualities are tastefully complemented by the outstanding finish work highlighting the premium woods and meticulous workmanship from Cort’s experienced craftsmen.


Try out the new AS-OC4 All Mahogany at a Cort dealer today to see, feel and hear the difference.

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