Cort’s New 2017 Models Shown at NAMM

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Cort introduced a bevy of exciting new guitar models at the 2017 NAMM, making this year’s annual trade show event a truly memorable and the most successful to date. The new models exhibit the wide range of guitars and basses that Cort has developed over the past year. Once again, the Cort designers, engineers and craftsmen succeeded in bringing to market innovative, high quality and strong value instruments that will appeal to a broad range of musicians around the world. The following outlines the new models that we believe will set a new standard in 2017 in their respective categories.

Manson Stage (MS) Series 


Developed in collaboration with British guitar designer and luthier Hugh Manson, the new MS Series guitars represent innovative designs with a classic touch and an outstanding value for such high-quality instruments. Two new models – the M-Jet and the Classic TC – form a “yin-and-yang” of the modern and the classic. Whether you are a modern rocker or an old-school rock/blues/country player, the M-Jet and Classic TC provides the goods to take your guitar playing and music to the next level.

Gold Series


The new Cort Gold is Cort’s all-out effort to design and produce the best-sounding acoustic guitar possible. Featuring aged vintage top, sonically enhancing UV finish, double-lock neck joint and rosewood reinforced neck, the Gold acoustic produces a tone that is pure, clear, balanced, deep, and sweet. You will hear the difference with your first strum. Hear the aged woods in their natural sonic glory with the Cort Gold.

All New GB Series


The GB Series bass line has been the rock-solid foundation of the vaunted Cort bass lineup for two decades – popular amongst entry-level players to professionals alike. So how does Cort improve such a strong line of beloved basses? Cort’s designers and engineers tackled this question by studying the best of the time-proven classic designs and features along with the best of what modern technological innovations had to offer. The result is the all-new GB Series basses with redesigned body shape for better balance and comfort, enhanced playability with a new slimmer neck profile, new Voiced Tone pickups/electronics and upgraded hardware. Whether you are an eager student or a touring pro, you are bound to find the right bass for you in the new GB bass lineup.

New G Series


A mainstay of Cort’s electric guitar lineup, the popular G Series has been updated to retain the best of the traditional aspects of an electric guitar while adding practical and sensible updates to enhance playability and expanding the tonal palette for greater flexibility and versatility.  Featuring premium tonewoods, the new Voiced Tone pickups, upgraded hardware and design tweaks to improve the ergonomics of the instruments, the all-new G Series guitars represent an outstanding value for modern musicians seeking superb performance at a reasonable price.

NDX Baritone


With the prevalence of detuned and lower-register sounds in modern music, the acoustic guitar can sometimes have a hard time adapting to such sounds in an ensemble or solo setting. Enter the new NDX – Baritone cutaway acoustic-electric that provides plenty of low-end clarity, depth and punch that modern musicians need. Featuring 27” scale length with strings tuned to standard B, deep body depth (125mm), and Fishman Presys Blend electronics that blend the piezo string and mic’d body sounds, the NDX – Baritone is the perfect acoustic-electric that will be at home in a variety of modern music settings.

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