Evolution of the Cort G Series Electrics

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The G Series electrics have been a Cort mainstay for many years. This beloved series was mainly known for offering excellent value with solid performance and good features but Cort’s product development team decided that the time has come to take the G Series guitars to a whole new level – world-class level.


The new G Series electric models G280DX, G260DX, G250DX and G200DX aren’t mere cosmetic updates. From the choice of woods and construction methods to wholly redesigned pickups and the metal alloy in the hardware, every feature has been painstakingly thought out and implemented with the best possible performance in mind for the serious working musician.


It isn’t only about value anymore. The new G Series models were designed and built to be some of the finest solid body electric guitars on the planet so that musicians can focus on making music. Through many years of experience working with world touring artists and working musicians at every level, Cort has come to deeply understand and build the guitars they need.


Cort’s engineers and builders put a heavy emphasis on the highest quality lightweight tonewoods to start. Then it was about the components and how they interact with the woods for the most organic and acoustically resonant sounds possible. From there, the pickups were designed from the ground up to convey the natural acoustic character of the guitar faithfully to the amplifier. You hear the woods of the guitar, not the electronics.


See, play and hear how the G Series guitars have evolved from budget entry-level guitars to the highest level “boutique” quality and performance without the overinflated boutique prices. Play and sound your very best with the new G Series electrics.


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