Jeff Berlin’s 2017 Asia Clinic Tour

Cort Guitars Hit: 1730 Date:

Legendary fusion-jazz bassist and Cort endorsee Jeff Berlin embarks on a clinic tour of east Asia with three dates each in China and Korea. The following are the details of the clinic events:




1. Clinic: Aug 18th at 3:00pm

Venue: Beijing Contemporary Music Academy

Host: Cort & DS Musical


2. Stage Performance: Aug 20th at 2:30pm

Venue: Dalian International Conference Center

Host: Cort, Markbass & DS Musical


3. Clinic: Aug 21st at 9:30am

Venue: Fu Yin Qin Hang

Host: Cort, Markbass & DS Musical




1. Clinic: Aug 22nd at 9:00pm

Venue: Sam-Gwang Music Store

Host: Cort


2. Master Class for Cort bass users: Aug 23rd at 3:30pm

Venue: Beakseok Arts University 

Host: Cort & Markbass


3. Clinic & Jam Session: Aug 24th at 8:00pm

Venue: Freebird Music Store, Sin-Chon, Seoul

Host: Cort & Markbass


Of special interest is the clinic and jam session on August 24th that will feature Korean bassist Suh Young-do and his band in the jam session with Jeff.


Whether you are a serious bassist or a casual fusion-jazz music fan, you are sure to get some valuable insights into the artistry of one of the most accomplished bassists and musicians in contemporary music at these clinics.

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