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Hedras Ramos, the young and fast rising guitar virtuoso and Cort artist who hails from Guatemala, has taken his promising career to a new level after moving to Los Angeles and releasing his latest album titled ‘The Impressionist’. A new video of the opening track ‘Transitions’ has just been published and features Hedras on the custom Cort X-Series 8-string guitar, the only guitar of its type in existence.


Hedras’ mastery of various musical genres and styles covering elements of modern metal, prog, and fusion with his impeccable technique is fully on display on the video with a variety of superb guitar sounds from his Cort custom 8-string axe. Whether it’s pummeling low-end rhythm, sparkling clean or rich and singing lead sounds, Hedras can rely on his Cort guitars to provide the tones and the performance he requires for both live and studio applications.


Q1. Tell us about the recording process of your song "Transitions" and the video shoot.

A1. Transitions is the first track of my latest album "The Impressionist”. This track is a mixture of heavy 8 string riffing and melodic guitar soloing.
The video was filmed in Los Angeles, showcasing from modern Downtown to great mountain landscapes. As the name the idea behind the cube 3D head is to represent in a abstract way how you feel after you start questioning life in a deeper way and you leave the comfortable zone of general cultural popular ideas.

Q2. What are your plans & upcoming projects?

A2. I’m working on new music and playing shows here in the LA area, so the near futures plans are releasing new music and start touring the US. I will let you know about this open secret, I’m really stoked that Cort Guitars is making a new custom instrument for me that probably is the best guitar I will ever play, I’m really excited for this guitar we are putting lots of detail to the specs, idea and philosophy behind it, For sure this will be a unique instrument by its own. Really excited but that’s the information I can give!


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