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Cort X700 Duality Guitar Strikes Balance between Shredding Beast and Chic Beauty 

With the introduction of the X700 Duality, Cort has designed an electric guitar that can seamlessly transition from shred machine to chic refinement.

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Kfir Ochaion Plays “Nothing Else Matters” on G290 Fat 

Check out Kfir's latest video, where he covers one of most iconic metal ballads of all time by Metallica “Nothing Else Matters”, on the versatile & expressive G290 Fat! 

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Acoustic Guitar Magazine Reviews the Gold Mini F 

For its November/December issue, Acoustic Guitar Magazine released a review on Gold Mini F, the little sibling in the flagship all-solid body Cort Gold Series family.

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KX500MS Receives 4.5 Stars by Guitar Interactive

Soon after its launch in 2018, the KX500MS has been a highly sought-after axe for guitarists who want to explore the deep subterranean sonic territories below the low E-string. British guitar magazine Guitar Interactive recently reviewed the Cort KX500MS seven-string multi-scale guitar for their Issue 67.

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The Tone of Wood (3)Tone Woods for Acoustic Guitar - Fingerboard and Bridge 

For the third and the last part of the Tone Wood series, let’s take a look at the different tone woods for an acoustic guitar’s fingerboard and bridge material.

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