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[Spotlight] Core Series

Cort Guitars unveils the Core-OC Collection, featuring three premium all-solid acoustic guitars from the new Core Series.

The Core-OC guitars feature the best materials, components, and workmanship for instruments that will improve with age.

When sound quality is the priority, each Core-OC model delivers the performance and tone players envision in a great acoustic guitar.

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Listen and compare all three Core-OC models in this video!

X700 Duality Review by Phillip McKnight


Phillip McKnight runs a straightforward no-nonsense YouTube guitar gear channel called ‘Know Your Gear’ and he gets to the point when reviewing a guitar out of the box or talking about guitar gear in general. His videos are informative while being easy to take in with the sense of humor that he is known for. We asked Phillip to provide an honest review of our X700 Duality and he was happy to oblige.

Sarah Longfield Reviews the CutCraft


Sarah Longfield is one of the most vibrant and talented young artists in the music scene today with her innovative and versatile playing style as well as a broad compositional range that exhibits her interest in a variety of musical genres. Sarah took the time to review our new CutCraft acoustic guitar for Guitar World and demonstrates the unique features and the stunning quality of this premium instrument.

Hedras Ramos' New Album "Pagans"


Virtuoso guitarist and Cort artist Hedras Ramos will be releasing his new album "PAGANS" on November 22nd, 2020!

Click to see more info on his new upcoming album, as well as his new music video 'Dissipation'!

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