The New SFX-Myrtlewood

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Cort Guitars' vision of the modern acoustic-electric takes an exotic turn with the new SFX-Myrtlewood.

The all-myrtlewood body is a series standout, ranging in color from blonde-yellow to taupe, so no two sets look alike and each guitar is an original. Offering an arched back for improved resonance, a V-shape neck profile, and Fishman electronics, the SFX-Myrtlewood is designed for the modern player who isn't bound to tradition.


All-Myrtlewood Body

Oregon Myrtle, also known as California Bay Laurel or Pepperwood, ranges in color from blonde-yellow to taupe and makes very nice guitars. No two sets look alike, thus each guitar built is an original! 

Solid Torrefied Myrtlewood Top

Using a special torrefaction process that we call ATV (Aged-To-Vintage) we treat the solid myrtlewood top to give it that big and open tone of a decades-old, highly-sought-after acoustic. This torrefaction process delivers that amazing tone to you right out of the box.


Slim Body Depth with Arched Back

The slim 83mm x 83mm body depth was designed for greater comfort, while the arched back compensates for the shallower depth to provide a bigger and more open sound.


Fishman® Presys II

The Fishman® Presys II Preamp with 2-band equalization, built-in tuner and a Phase switch for effective tone shaping and noiseless operation during live performances.

Demonstration Video

Check out the overview demonstration video and hear what's unique about the new SFX-Myrtlewood!

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