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[Spotlight] SFX-Myrtlewood

Cort Guitars' vision of the modern acoustic-electric takes an exotic turn with the new SFX-Myrtlewood. The all-myrtlewood body is a series standout, ranging in color from blonde-yellow to taupe, so no two sets look alike and each guitar is an original. Offering an arched back for improved resonance, a V-shape neck profile, and Fishman electronics, the SFX-Myrtlewood is designed for the modern player who isn't bound to tradition.

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Check out the overview video

and hear what's unique about the new SFX-Myrtlewood!

Guess Which Two Cort Guitars were Voted as

“The Best New Acoustic Guitars in the World Right Now”!


Music Radar has just published a list of the top seven acoustic guitars of 2020 as chosen by its readers and two new Cort acoustic guitars made the list.


Can you guess which two? <<- Click to Find Out!

Gretchen Menn Reviews the Nylon-String for the “Rest of Us” – the Cort Gold OC-8


Many of us electric and steel-string acoustic players love the sound of the nylon-string but often find that traditional classical guitars are cumbersome, if not too difficult, to play and get comfortable with. The new Gold OC-8 Nylon addresses the issues for electric and steel-string players who want to get that warm and romantic nylon-string sound with as little of playing adjustment as possible.


Check out Gretchen Menn’s impressive video review to see and hear all the things that the Gold OC-8 Nylon is capable of!

Nathan Navarro “Clones” Himself to form a “Bass Trio” on the Artisan A5 Plus SingleCut


Renowned YouTube influencer and bassist extraordinaire Nathan Navarro demonstrates the wide sonic range and palette of great bass sounds of the A5 Plus SC by “cloning” himself to jam with two other clones of himself.

Whether comping, grooving or soloing, Nathan and his clones show that this is a bass that can do it all.

Seeking a Capable Practice Amp with A Cool Vintage Vibe? Check Out the Cort CM Series


Cort’s CM Series amplifiers are perfect for those occasions when you want to return to simplicity as well as good ole analog technology and you can focus on improving your technique as well as your creative mind.

With their handsome vintage vibe looks and colors, the CM15R and CM30R guitar amps are not only fun to play but nice to look at and will fit in any décor around the home. Rediscover the roots of your playing and do it with quality and style.

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