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For 50 years now Cort has carefully crafted high quality guitars and basses. Our selection includes electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars. We are driven by the needs of players and excited about connecting with more musicians here.


Play the Guitar, Live Your Dream 


Whether you are a beginner novice wanting to learn to play a few old favorites or a serious pro on the international stage, playing the guitar is a visceral experience that you want to feel and savor over and over again. From learning to play the bar chord for the first time to improvising in front of a live audience, the feeling of magic is the same and you feel as you are living the dream.

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A5 Plus SCMS Reviewed by Germany's Bonedo  


Bonedo, the highly respected German bass online community, has conducted a review of the new A5 Plus SCMS bass. Featuring a multi-scale neck with a single-cut design, this bass represents the cutting-edge in modern bass design and construction for superb balance and exceptional playability.

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Cort Introduces Bevel Cut Collection  


A comfortable “cut” on a guitar is no longer just about fret access. Cort proudly introduces the Bevel Cut Collection, a new series of acoustic guitars designed with an ergonomic beveled cutaway. This subtle, player-friendly feature provides a comfortable armrest for a more relaxed and rewarding playing experience that doesn’t interfere with the rich, sonic character of the guitar. Offering high-end features and unique tonal woods, each acoustic guitar in the Bevel Cut Collection has its own nuances for an unmatched blend of sound and feel.

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