Bass virtuoso Indro talks about his experience in Music Industry

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Indonesian bass virtuoso and Cort bass artist Indro shares his thoughts about his development as a world class bassist, his art, his rig and his Cort ISB 5 bass in this exclusive interview. A consummate and thoughtful musician who deeply cares about his role as a bassist, Indro shares his thoughts about his approach to the bass as well as his custom signature Cort bass.


Q1. Before taking on the bass, you had experience on the guitar, percussion and harmonica. Can you explain at what point you decided to become a bass player and why?

A1. I started playing bass in high school. At that time, my high school joined a band competition and there was no bass player, so I played bass in the band. The Band won the competition and I was chosen as the best bass player. Since then I started playing bass.


Q2. How did you develop your bass technique and are there any tips you’d like to share?

A2. To develop my technique, I practice 2 hours every day. As for tips to develop your technique, you can practice using scales, arpeggios and sequences and starting out with a slow tempo.


Q3. The sound of the bass can sometimes get lost in the sonic spectrum of keyboards, drums and guitar. How do you find your own bass sound without affecting the overall band mix?

A3. I use D.I. box direct to the mixer and amp as a monitor on stage, so when I need to change the equalizer or another effect, it will not affect the bass sound in the overall mix.



Q4. Looking at your tour schedule, most of the shows are in the realm of jazz. Are there other genres and styles you enjoy playing? At what point in your growth as a musician did you gravitate towards jazz?

A4. I am actually still playing all genres. Pop, rock, contemporary music and any other type of music, and to this day I still enjoy all of it.  But when my first solo album ‘Feels Free’ was released in 2010, it was categorized as jazz genre. Maybe that’s when I started my focus on being a jazz player. Since then, I have been releasing jazz albums and now I am already on my 7th album which can be categorized within the jazz genre.


Q5. What was your most memorable live show?

A5. My most memorable show was at Petro Jazz Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. My band, Indro Hardjodikoro The Fingers, was invited and we were the only band from Asia that played at the festival.  



Q6. Please tell us about your new project band and what kind of rig setup you are using.

A6. My new project is Jazz Muda Indonesia, a trio with bass, piano and drums. The drummer is a 13-year-old drummer from Bali. I enjoy seeing and developing new young talented players. They also give energy to the band. My rig setup for Jazz Muda Indonesia consists of Cort ISB and using two channels on the Markbass Richard Bona Series amp with mic’d cabinet and DI Box feeds to the house mixer.


Q7. Please tell us about the Cort bass that you are using.

A7. My Signature Series bass is the Cort ISB 5. I chose Alder wood for the body with Koa wood veneer. The neck is Maple but for the fingerboard I chose two options: Rosewood and Maple. To add gain as needed, I use push-pull to activate the preamp. All the materials and components that I have chosen, including the design, was to make my bass sound modern and a little bit vintage which cover all my needs.

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