Matt Bellamy model for Left Handed

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The Cort MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar has been one of Cort’s great success stories. The result of close collaboration between Matthew Bellamy, Manson Guitar Works, and Cort, the MBC-1 provides all the features, the look, the sound and playability of custom Manson Matthew Bellamy Signature guitars at an affordable price.


Cort is now expanding the MBC-1 lineup with the new left-handed version that will surely bring happiness to the southpaws who’ve wanted the MBC-1 since its introduction. The MBC-1 is a rock-solid powerhouse of a guitar that punches hard without fluff or frills. It encapsulates the vision and character of the artist Matthew Bellamy and the design and build philosophy of Hugh Manson. Cort is proud to work with Matthew Bellamy and Manson Guitar Works to bring those ideals to a much wider audience.


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