Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Review of Luxe

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The prestigious Acoustic Guitar Magazine has reviewed the Cort Frank Gambale Luxe signature model acoustic-electric guitar and describes this innovative instrument exactly as Cort and Frank Gambale designed it to be: a fast-playing flat-top acoustic that will feel immediately at home to electric guitar players as well as offer something a little different to traditional acoustic guitar players.


Check out the video review here!


A true collaborative effort between Cort Guitars and world-renowned fusion artist Frank Gambale, the Luxe was developed with the electric guitar player in mind without sacrificing the qualities of an outstanding acoustic guitar. Every detail was thoroughly thought out and discussed between Frank Gambale and Cort’s seasoned R&D team. Various early prototypes were produced and tested by Frank before the final specs were approved for production.


The result is an acoustic-electric guitar that sounds full and lively unplugged like a fine acoustic guitar but also plays fast and easy like an electric guitar that sounds superb when plugged into an acoustic guitar amplifier or a PA system. For fusion and jazz guitar players who want that full-bodied acoustic sound but with the playability of a jazz archtop or solidbody electric, the Luxe is a dream come true.

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