Frank Gambale Joins Chick Corea Elektric Band for Asia Tour

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The Chick Corea Elektric Band (herein after referred to as CCEB) has a legendary status in the jazz-fusion field for fusing the most complex and demanding aspects of traditional jazz with the stylistic idioms, sounds, techniques and musical concepts of various other genres such as rock, classical, world, pop, R&B, soundtrack and modern electronica. There is no form of music that the CCEB ignores. This band is about absorbing and assimilating every form of music and style into a unique and cohesive whole.


Cort artist Frank Gambale is back with CCEB to embark on a tour of Asia that begins on March 4 at the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia and winds through Korea, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and China. You can check up on the dates featuring this iconic band here


On this tour, Frank will feature his Cort Luxe signature acoustic-electric guitar on two songs: the very difficult ‘Alan Corday’ from the ‘To The Starts’ album and possibly ‘Eternal Child’ from the ‘Eye Of The Beholder’ album.


Frank’s history with CCEB is a long one when he joined in the summer of 1986. He was in the band until 1992 and during that time the band won two Grammy nominations and one Grammy award in 1988 for a performance of the song ‘Lightyears’ in the category of ‘Best Live Performance by a Duo or Group’ in the R&B category.


The band toured the world intensely during that period and played to shows with an audience as large as 80,000 people such as the one in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 1987. Frank is undoubtedly excited about getting back on the road with this legendary band which he described as powerhouse with every musician on stage at the top of their profession.


Frank is also very pleased to feature his Cort Luxe during this tour, saying: "My Luxe guitar sounds so beautiful live. The song Alan Corday where I am featured playing it, is extremely challenging with melodic lines that are all over the neck. The FG Luxe makes my performance so much easier and inspiring."


Frank Gambale Luxe Mini Website

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