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The prevailing trend in modern guitar playing is clear. More and more players are interested in and drawn to the allure and power of extended lower-register range. Whether it’s through detuning (tuning down whole-step or even more) or 7- and 8-string guitars, players are exploring the lower and deeper sounds that such methods and instruments offer.


The issue with detuning is that strings lose tension and can start feeling floppy, forcing players to use much heavier gauge strings than they are used to. This is a compromise solution that most players aren’t willing to accept. The problem with 7- and 8-string guitars is that they force players to adapt to much wider fretboards and necks and alter their technique. For dedicated 6-string players who are not interested in a different kind of instrument, such guitars aren’t a viable alternative.


With these issues in mind, Cort has developed and introduced the new NDX Baritone acoustic-electric. This is a 6-string guitar with a 27” scale length. It provides a great deal more tension with the string gauges you are used to in detuned settings while retaining the familiar 6-string feel. The low detuned strings have the clarity and punch just like on a standard 25” scale guitar.


The scalloped X-pattern bracing on the solid top of the NDX Baritone was specially designed and engineered for lowered tunings to provide an ideal balance between powerful projection and touch-sensitive resonance. The NDX Baritone also features a solid back to complement the solid top with greater structural stability as well as enhanced sonic depth and tighter low-register.


The stellar natural acoustic character of the NDX Baritone is then faithfully captured and relayed to your amplification system or PA by the onboard Fishman Presys Blend pickup-mic and preamp, making this instrument a very flexible and versatile instrument for a wide variety and live performance and recording environments. For more details on the NDX Baritone acoustic-electric, check out the following link:


NDX Baritone Product Page


NDX Baritone Demonstration Video

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