Hedras Ramos’ New Album and Video Single

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The young shred-prog-fusion virtuoso Hedras Ramos has just released a new video single called ‘Lobotomy’ from his upcoming album ‘The Impressionist’ that will be launched during the 4th quarter of this year. While Hedras is one of the most technically accomplished guitarists in the modern “shred” scene today, he goes way beyond the typical guitar acrobatics with challenging rhythms, sophisticated harmonic content, adventurous compositions, and superb guitar sounds – further validating his maturity as a complete musician.


For ‘Lobotomy’, Hedras called on his new Cort HR-X8 custom 8-string based on the X-Series and the following are his thoughts:


“This Cort 8-strings is based on the X series model, it's simply stunning. I love the tone and how it sounds; is warm but it cuts through, and the feel on the hands - it's like butter. The body has a modern shape, but the natural wood colors give a unique personality to my guitar, the look it's simply beautiful. It's truly a piece of art!”


Check out the Hedras' video single here!


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