GB Series GB74JJ Review by BassTheWorld

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The highly respected and trusted BassTheWorld site has conducted a thorough video review of the new GB Series GB74JJ bass. Cort’s engineers rethought the classic “J” bass from the ground up to retain all of the time-proven features and qualities we’ve all come to love and implement improvements and modern innovations to further enhance the instrument’s functionality, playability and sonic performance.


The critical functional components like the bridge, machine heads, and truss rod are unabashedly modern and designed to work in conjunction with each other to offer maximum performance, stability and reliability. You can count on the GB74JJ to perform consistently night after night. The completely re-engineered pickups and electronics provide much greater flexibility and versatility that simply would not have been possible on traditional instruments.


You do indeed get the best of both worlds with the GB74JJ but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video review here:

Cort GB74JJ Video Review by BassTheWorld


You can also get more in-depth info on the entire GB Series basses at the following links:

Cort GB Series Mini Website Product Page


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