New KX500FF Launched to Great Fanfare

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Possibly the most exciting new introduction in Cort’s electric guitar lineup, the KX500FF is Cort’s foray into the innovative world of multi-scale extended range guitar market. Not a mere fad as some detractors have been describing this industry-changing trend, today’s rock and metal players are exploring and greatly benefitting from the greater tonal range and sonic possibilities offered by 7-string guitars.


The KX500F features premium materials and components and the greatest possible workmanship to provide a stunning 7-string fanned fret instrument at a fraction of the cost of similar guitars. The 25.5-27.0” multiscale length delivers tighter string tension and punch from the low-strings and the industry standard EMG-707 pickups faithfully conveys the natural acoustic characteristics of the instrument to the amplification systems.


Internationally recognized magazines such as Guitar World, Music Radar, Premier Guitar and Guitar Interactive have published press releases on this exciting new offering from Cort and here is a link to the press release on Guitar World.


Click here to see the article on Guitar World

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