KX and X Series Mini Sites Now Live

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The new and groundbreaking X Series and KX Series certainly deserve their own mini sites and Cort is very pleased to present them for a more detailed look of the stunning new guitars introduced at the 2018 Winter NAMM. Easily accessible from the main rotating banner on top of the home page, the new mini sites provide an in-depth view of the significant changes and upgrades to the ever-popular X and KX Series guitars.


From the new multi-scale KX500MS 7-string flagship model to the affordably priced KX100, the KX Series now offers a complete line of guitars ideally suited for modern djent metal and related genres in both style and sound.

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The X Series line has also been substantially upgraded with boutique grade woods, EMG pickups and highest quality components to excel at not only metal but other genres such as classic rock and jazz/fusion. From the neck-thru-body X500 with EMG 81 & 60 pickups to the low-cost X100, the new X Series is now more refined and versatile than ever with a sleek new ergonomic look and styling.

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