Premier Guitar’s Review of the CJ Retro Jumbo

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Premier Guitar’s reviewer Adam Purlmutter has conducted an in-depth review of the CJ Retro Jumbo acoustic-electric guitar and gave it a 4.5 value rating out of 5, highlighting its superb playability and outstanding value. 


"A good jumbo with easy playability and retro flair. It would be a smart companion for a rock-oriented singer-songwriter, roots, or country player. And it’s not only gig-ready with its Fishman electronics—it’s also relatively feedback resistant, which makes it a working proposition for a loud band that likes an acoustic in the mix"


The CJ Retro Jumbo is fitted with Fishman’s Neo D magnetic humbucking soundhole pickup (a value-priced take on Fishman’s acclaimed Rare Earth pickup) and Fishman’s VTB active electronics.


"The system feels well paired with the instrument. Plugged into the amps with the tone controls on both the guitar and the amp set flat, the CJ Retro Jumbo retained its balance between strings, but also sounded a bit more, well, Jumbo. The pickup adds body and shimmer and is very noise-free, to boot—a big plus for recording or performing"


Although the Jumbo-sized acoustic has a niche status within the acoustic guitar market, it still has a strong following of players and musicians who seek something different in both looks and sound. The CJ Retro Jumbo was designed and manufactured with such players in mind. Check one out to see and hear the possibilities this guitar offers to your playing at your local Cort dealer.


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