Artisan B4FL MHPZ Review by BassTheWorld

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The highly regarded BassTheWorld site’s top bassist Lars Lehmann has conducted a review of the new Artisan B4FL MHPZ  bass, which is not only a dedicated fretless bass instead of a standard bass converted to a fretless, but a unique and beautiful antique-style instrument for a classy look and vibe as well as superb sound and playability.

"B4FL MHPZ, dedicated fretless bass not just a standard bass but also this is beautiful antique of instrument"



One of the special features of this bass is the ability combine the magnetic Bartolini MK-1 pickup with under-the-saddle Fishman Powerbridge piezo pickups simultaneously to conjure up a variety of nice sounds depending on the musical situation. The piezo delivers a lot of high frequencies so combining it with the magnetic and adjusting the volume and tone pots for each type of pickup can produce a broad range of sounds to suit the player’s needs.

Other cool features include an F-hole and thumb rest for a vintage look as well as ease of playability. Designed from the ground up as a full-featured fretless bass, the Artisan B4FL MHPZ is a versatile bass that can perform admirably in various musical genres and playing styles.



Please check out the full video review from the Bass The World.

This year is the 25th anniversary for the Artisan series of basses and to celebrate this anniversary year, Cort has introduced the single-cut multiscale model, the expanded Standard A, B, and C Series of models, and the very first fretless bass with the built-in piezo electronics.

For more information on this unique fretless bass, please check out this link.

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