Cort at 2018 Music Fairs in China and Japan

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The Cort brand and products were proudly featured at international music fairs held in Shanghai (October 10~13) and Tokyo (October 19~21). Some of the products featured include the artist signature models, the all-solid acoustic guitars lineup, and Limited Edition models. This was an excellent opportunity to market and showcase Cort’s vaunted technical knowledge and manufacturing prowess to the growing music communities in both China and Japan. 

Here are a few images from both music fairs.

Music China



China is an exciting and a white-hot growing market of eager new musicians and guitar/bass players and Cort has been building a heavy presence there and the market reception has been nothing short of spectacular. The sheer number of visitors to the Cort booth and media coverage of Cort products – including all of the new models introduced earlier this year at NAMM – portend of even greater growth in China in the years ahead.

Music Japan


Cort brand continues to grow in the Land of the Rising Sun as Japanese musicians discover the excellent quality and the value that Cort instruments provide. At the Tokyo Gakki Fair, the Japanese music community was introduced to the Cort Easy Play collection and Gold Series acoustic guitars as well as the all new X and KX Series electric guitars lineup along with the mainstay best-selling models that continue to win new adherents.

Through our more focused and involved participation at this year’s Shanghai Messe in China and the Tokyo Gakki Fair in Japan, we were able to reach and interact with many enthusiastic musicians and consumers in both countries as well as advise and explain to them the benefits of Cort guitars and brand. We view the success of both events as a stepping stone to even greater reach to more musicians who seek the highest quality possible with value to match for many years to come.
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