Jeff Berlin's Asia Clinic Tour

Cort Guitars Hit: 1856 Date:

- Clinic Tour Schedule -

Singapore - May 13, 7:30pm at Swee Lee Boutique

Bangkok - May 15, 6:30pm at Crown Plaza Hotel

Kuala Lumpur - May 18, 7:30pm at The Guitar Store Cheras

Jakarta - May 21, 4:00pm at Chic's MusicK
Bandung - May 22, 3:00pm at CLCC
Serpong - May 23, 7:00pm at SDC

Taipei - May 25, 5:00pm at Riverside Live House

Korea - May 27, 7:30pm at Formtec Workshall

To all my friends in Asia, 
If you are a bass player or a guitar player, I am coming to do clinics for Cort Guitars and Markbass amps. My interest is to help you to learn how to play better and in this view, I have a lot of thoughts and musical ideas to share with you. You don't have to read music. You don't have to like jazz. You don't have to play well. If you love rock, blues, funk or just want to play your own music, you first have to know how to play. If you have questions about where you are having difficulty in either knowing what to practice or how to play better, I can answer them for you.
See you in a few days!

- Jeff Berlin -

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