Frank Gambale's interview on his signature model "Cort LUXE"

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Fusion guitar legend Frank Gambale needs little introduction. From pioneering the revolutionary sweep picking technique to working with some of the greatest jazz-fusion musicians in the world, Frank Gambale has always been about musical innovation and cutting-edge technique and musicianship. In the following interview, Frank talks about his new Luxe signature model acoustic-electric guitar and how it fits in with his musical vision.


• How long have you been playing the acoustic guitar and how often do you play now?

"My first guitar was an acoustic. I really learned to play on acoustic well before I got an electric guitar. So...roughly 50 years playing acoustic...that's a long time!!!"



• What do you find are certain characteristics in an acoustic guitar that you can't get from an electric guitar?

"There's nothing more pleasing to me than a beautiful sounding acoustic guitar such as the luscious Luxe that we created. The immediacy of the sound and the resonance. Just sitting around anywhere, under a tree, in a park or on the living room couch strumming and singing a's a beautiful pastime."



• Do you find that you write music differently with an acoustic than with an electric?

"Yes definitely. I love writing. Sometimes if I'm not getting anywhere on piano or electric guitar, I'll sit somewhere with a nice view and pick up the acoustic. There's no fuss with acoustic guitar, no need to plug in or amps or effects or electric power needed. I have written lots of music on acoustic guitar that's for sure!"



• Who are some of your favorite acoustic guitar players and how have they influenced you?

"I love fellow Aussie Tommy Emmanuel.  Antonio Forcione is another...not influences, rather, I simply enjoy what they do on acoustic guitar."



• What kind of role will the LUXE acoustic have in your future musical endeavors?

"I have already been recording and writing with it for my upcoming new Soulmine album. It's such a beautiful guitar I am very proud to have my name on it. I plan to use onstage and even do some acoustic instructional material on it for my new online school at It is already an important part of my life. I love this guitar and it draws me in, calls me to play it!!"


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