Grand Regal - Spruce/Rosewood or Cedar/Blackwood

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The new Cort Grand Regal is a stunningly versatile acoustic guitar with the Grand Auditorium body size that sits comfortably in between the mighty Dreadnaught and the intimate Grand Concert, offering the characteristics of both aesthetically and sonically. That being said, different woods on the same body shape can impart noticeably different tonal character and the following video by Guitar Spa in Singapore demonstrates that difference loud and clear. 


Watch the review here!


It cannot be said that one is “better” than the other, just different. It’s a matter of personal preference and taste. A lot depends on the player’s style and the particular sound that the player aims to achieve. Due to a particular wood’s inherent characteristics (density, content, structure, etc.) and how it combines with other woods, two guitars with the same body and neck dimensions can sound vastly different with different woods alone.


Generally speaking, spruce is denser and harder than cedar and you can hear that the spruce/rosewood combo sounds more brilliant with deeper lows and sparkling highs while the cedar/blackwood combo exhibits a mellower character with more mids and warmth. For someone who strums a lot and want a big powerful sound, spruce/rosewood combo may seem more appealing while a solo fingerpick stylist may prefer the more evenly balanced and sweetness of the cedar/blackwood combo.


Which one is better for you? Only you can decide and the best way to find out which combo works best for you is to try them both yourself in a quiet acoustic room at your local Cort dealer. Whether you’re a strummer, fingerpick soloist, flatpick lead player or all of the above who wants the most versatile acoustic guitar possible, you will still want find the right wood combination for your distinct musical style and taste.


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