Cort’s New Limited G-LTD16 / CR-LTD16 Models

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Cort introduced a bevy of new limited run models in 2016 and this newsletter will focus on the G-LTD16 and CR-LTD16. Conceived and designed by Cort’s experienced electric guitar R&D staff, these two models offer unique features and concepts not found on existing production models.

The new G-LTD16 can be viewed as the deluxe high-end model of the popular G Series. Featuring alder body capped by curly soft maple top, hard maple neck with curly soft maple fretboard with compound radius, CFA tremolo system, painstakingly voiced new pickups, GraphTech Black TUSQ nut, a direct out switch that routes the bridge pickup’s output direct to the jack, and a gorgeous Java Sunset finish, the G-LTD16 offers features that are typically only found on “boutique” custom guitars.



It is versatile with an ideal tonal balance between the alder body and the maple top and neck/fretboard. The alder provides the big and robust midrange while maple contributes brilliance and punch throughout the guitar’s broad acoustic sonic range. Whether you’re a classic-rocker, shredder, metalhead or fusion freak, the G-LTD16 can cover them all with authority and style.


The CR-LTD16 is a bold new model that combines the aesthetics and tonalities of two distinct and classic solidbody electric guitars. Geared more towards the roots-oriented players into roots rock, rockabilly, blues, country, R&B, and classic rock, the CR-LTD16 puts out a pure raw sound that can growl or purr depending on your pick attack and the setting on your amplifier. The T-style bridge single-coil and the neck P-style large single-coil pickups provide a wide range of classic single-coil sounds for the aforementioned genres.


Featuring bolt-on construction on single-cutaway body with 24.75” scale, ash body, hard maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 3+3 headstock, Duncan design pickups and Surf Green matte finish, the CR-LTD16 is an intriguing mix of classic features and time-proven styling. Whether you like to strum jangly chords, wail on the blues or chicken pick or all of the above, you will find that the new CR-LTD16 can deliver all of those sounds convincingly and do so in a cool retro style.

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