Preview of Frank Gambale Clinic

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Fusion guitar legend Frank Gambale recently kicked off the Asia clinic tour with performances at the Shanghai Music Messe. Besides demonstrating his new Cort Luxe signature acoustic-electric guitar, Frank will perform his compositions and answer questions from fans about the guitar, his approach to composition and, of course, his unparalleled technique.


The clinics will be conducted in three phases as following:


• The clinic will start out with performances of two songs

• Open-style question-and-answer session

• The development of the Luxe guitar from beginning to end

• Discussion about the famous Gambale Sweep Picking Technique

• Advice on the music business and on how to survive in the industry

• Songwriting, music harmony and theory

• Performance of one or two more songs at the end


Come experience one of the most extraordinary guitar players in the world and also see the new Cort Luxe acoustic guitars in person.

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