Artisan Basses awarded by Audio Fanzine

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France’s Audio Fanzine magazine has given Cort’s C4 ZBMH bass the 2016 Quality/Price Award. The newly updated Artisan bass line has been garnering rave reviews around the world and this is another feather in the cap in what has proved to be a banner year for the Artisan bass.


The Artisan basses have been a mainstay of Cort for many years but this year’s update with various upgraded features has taken things to a whole new level, providing greater value than ever before with superb quality at very reasonable prices.


The following are the key summary points of the award review:


• Excellent value for the money in regards to materials, components and workmanship

• High-end look and fit-and-finish

• Exemplary ergonomics for comfort while playing sitting down or standing up with a strap

• Versatile preamp with a wide variety of good useful sounds

• Versatility of the entire Artisan bass line to meet variety of playing requirements


The experts all agree that the Artisan bass provides exceptional value with features and performance that were unimaginable at such price points. This being said, a musical instrument is very personal and you need to see, feel, hear and play for yourself. Visit a Cort dealer near you to experience what an Artisan bass can do for your music.


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