A Nice Video Review of the MBC-1 RS

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Sometimes it’s better to watch a good video review of a guitar than to read one in a magazine. You can get a much better sense of an instrument’s visual aesthetic as well as listening to what it sounds like through reference type amplifiers. The folks at The Tone King recently published a video review of the new MBC-1 RS (Matthew Bellamy Signature Model – Red Sparkle) model and it’s a good one.


Check it out to get a close-up view of the stunning new finish as well as listening to all the great sounds that this guitar is capable of. From raw and aggressive rock sounds of the bridge humbucker to the sweet and sparkling clean sounds of the neck single-coil pickup, the MBC-1’s versatility belies its stripped-down no-frills look. The kill button is a cool feature that provides more tonal colors and effects to this killer instrument.


Click here to watch the video review!

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