Cort Artists Perform at 2017 NAMM

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Cort featured its growing roster of world-class musicians during NAMM, attracting many event attendees to the Cort booth to witness the artists in action. The artists who performed and met with the fans were Frank Gambale, Jeff Berlin, Yvette Young and Hedras Ramos.

Frank Gambale


A legendary figure in the modern jazz-rock fusion genre with his much-imitated-but-never-equaled sweep-picking technique, Frank Gambale drew a large audience as he performed on his new Luxe signature acoustic-electric guitar. Designed to accommodate Frank’s unparalleled technique and advanced phrasing, the Luxe plays like a solidbody electric while providing the full range of acoustic guitar sounds and resonant character. From delicate jazz chord voicings to jaw-dropping solo runs, Frank showed why the Luxe is the perfect acoustic-electric for his unparalleled style.

Jeff Berlin


One of the most respected bassists in jazz and fusion genres, Jeff Berlin conducted an intimate clinic-like performance and even interacted with other bassists one-on-one to provide tips and words of encouragement as well as wisdom. On NAMM Saturday, Jeff invited Markbass Amplification artists to the Cort booth for an impromptu jam session that was full of excitement and memorable musical passages.

Yvette Young


A fast-rising young artist in the realm of modern post-rock and math-rock genres that appeal primarily to the 20-somethings, Yvette Young displayed her stunning musical proficiency and versatility with her tapping and fingerstyle techniques and harmonically adventurous songs. A superb multi-instrumentalist as well as a polished and passionate singer, Yvette played her Cort Regal grand auditorium acoustic-electric to perform some of her new songs to a delighted crowd at the Cort booth.

Hedras Ramos


One of the most accomplished players in the “shred” rock genre, Hedras possesses incredible technique and an advanced compositional style that sets him apart from the pack. Hedras showed why he is so respected and how it should be done: play within the music and make every note count. Hedras performed on his Cort X-Series axe in front of an eager crowd to observe his virtuosity in action at the Cort booth. Needless to say, the crowd was impressed by not only his mind-blowing technique but the inherent musicality of Hedras’ style.

Daniel Gomez


Self taught musician since his 15, Dani, has been touring intensively for more than 20 years covering all musical genres, production, and being side-man for main Latin artists and with several international ones as a guitarist and musical director. A real Brian May connoisseur, having even the chance to work close with QUEEN at We Will Rock You musical show and co-recording (and co-producing) with Brian May. Visitors at Cort booth appreciated Daniel's demonstration of a variety of new Cort electric guitars.  

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