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n the heels of the mega-successful release of the MBC-1 Matt Bellamy Signature Model that was developed in conjunction with UK’s Manson Guitars, Cort has introduced the new M-Jet and Classic TC models that continue and expand upon the design concepts of the MBC-1.


Continuing the close collaboration with Manson, the M-Jet exhibits a decidedly modern look and vibe while providing all the features of a workhorse rock guitar. Minimalistic in design yet tastefully appointed, the M-Jet is for the serious rock guitarist who appreciates simplicity and straightforwardness in a guitar over unnecessary features and clutter.


The new Classic TC is as its name implies: traditional in look but with the modern enhancements and refinements that improve form as well as function. From the adjustable individual saddles and 3-way toggle pickup selector to the ergonomic body contours, the Classic TC offers improved functionality and playing comfort while retaining the classic look that the traditional-minded players seek.


Read more about the new M-Jet and Classic TC models at the esteemed and Premier Guitar sites: (M-Jet & Classic TC)


Premier Guitar


Check out the teaser video of M-Jet by Manson Guitar Works

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