The Bass of Both Worlds: All New GB Series

Cort Guitars Hit: 2702 Date:

The all-new GB Series basses are our next featured series of fine instruments that continually raise the bar for uncompromising quality at a value that cannot be matched. Cort has always had a deep interest in the electric bass for many decades and that high level of expertise and experience coupled with passion have coalesced to completely rethink, develop and produce Cort’s vision of what the “classic” electric bass should be.


We spent countless hours talking with and listening to world-class bass players to understand what their needs are. Their passion inspired us to look at every aspect of the classic electric bass and develop the new GB basses that are familiar in look and aesthetics but with carefully implemented refinements to improve performance and sound. The result is a new line of basses that seamlessly integrate the best of the classic and modern in one stunning instrument. For a more in-depth look at the all-new GB Series basses, please visit the new GB mini website:

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