Destrage’s Metteo di Gioia - Europe Tour on May

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The Italian hardcore band Destrage will embark on a tour of Europe from May 2 to May 27 with the world-acclaimed metal band Periphery. This marks the continued development of Destrage as a metal outfit that needs to be reckoned with and taken seriously. Destrage guitarist Matteo di Gioia will take his Cort DJIEAZ! Custom on this tour as his main axe along with the new Cort Classic TC. Here is a quote from Matt as he looks forward to what should be a very exciting tour in Europe:


"Here we are, ready to travel all over Europe for another tour. Set list is almost ready, tomato sauce we have, movies to watch on the van we have, Cort Djieaz! Custom we ALWAYS have, and this time I'll sport out also a new Cort Classic TC! Can't wait to hit the road with Periphery and The Contortionist, it is going to be rad."


From brutal rhythmic barrages to grand melodic themes, Destrage interweaves outstanding musicianship and ensemble technique with a wide range of emotions, moods and sounds in the band’s music.


For more info on Matteo’s custom Cort guitar, please visit his artist page on the Cort site:


To learn more about Destrage and the upcoming tour, please visit the following:


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