Jeff Berlin Clinic on Facebook Live - Aug 22 GMT 12:00PM

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Jeff Berlin is one of the most acclaimed and influential bassists in contemporary music today. A dedicated and passionate bassist for over 40 years, Jeff has performed and collaborated with legendary jazz-fusion artists such as Billy Cobham, Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth and Bill Bruford to name a few. Not only is Jeff one of the premier bassists in the world but he is also an amazing teacher with his own specially developed curriculum to convey the essence of bass playing to students and aspiring bassists.


Going far beyond rudimentary subjects such as the use of the metronome, exercises, sight-reading, theory and technique, Jeff focuses on developing musicality and what it means to play the bass and hold down the groove within an ensemble. The focus will be on what it really means to play good bass with other musicians and that’s what you’ll learn from Jeff’s unique teaching method through this Facebook live streaming event.


This live event will take place on August 22, 2017, GMT 12:00 PM during Jeff’s clinic in Busan, South Korea. This is an event you will not want to miss, so please follow us on our official Facebook page for more details about this very special live streaming clinic featuring one of the great legends of the electric bass.


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