A Review of Jeff Berlin’s 2017 Asia Clinic Tour

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The recent tour of northeast Asia by legendary jazz-fusion bassist and Cort endorsee artist Jeff Berlin was a resounding success. Covering the cities of Beijing and Dalian in China and Seoul and Busan in Korea, Jeff again showed a diverse audience why he is such a highly respected bassist and musician in contemporary music.




On Jeff’s first ever event in mainland China, over 300 bass major students at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy attended the clinic to learn from and interact with one of the most recognized and revered bassists in the world. Being that it was also Jeff’s first visit to China and opportunity to learn about the country, people and culture, the clinic was a deeply impressionable event of a legendary musician sharing his experience and knowledge with an eager and enthusiastic crowd open to all the artistry and musicality that Jeff had to offer.






The highly cosmopolitan city of Dalian in northeast China held a Bass Guitar Exclusive Event, which was essentially a bass guitar festival and Jeff’s attendance at this event certainly brought much prestige and excitement. The event featured many well-known international as well as domestic Chinese artists performing various clinics and demonstrations. The main concert event was held at the Dalian International Convention Center with a capacity of 600 people and featured Jeff Berlin as the headliner covering everything from traditional jazz to modern funk and R&B to cap off an incredibly successful event.






Jeff’s first stop in Korea was at the Sam Kwang Music Store in Busan, the bustling port city on the southeast end of Korea. This clinic was the first ever Cort clinic that was streamed on Facebook Live throughout the world and online participants in other parts of the world were able to ask questions and interact directly with Jeff, making it a memorable event on a global scale.





The final date of the Jeff Berlin Asia Clinic Tour climaxed in grand style in Seoul at the Freebud Music Store and was held in an informal “cliniconcert” manner. Featuring Jeff and Korea’s top bassist Suh Young-Do and his band, the event flowed in a free form manner between a concert-like setting and an intense educational setting that Jeff’s clinics are known for. This increased the audience’s interest, enthusiasm and participation level to a much higher degree than typical clinics as they enjoyed and observed an ideal combination of entertainment, artistry and education in one event, making the evening one the attendants will likely remember vividly for many years to come.



The clinic tour featured Jeff performing with his Cort Rithimic Signature Bass and was an excellent opportunity for the bass players and students to experience the exceptional high quality of Cort basses.

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