New Album from Virtuoso Hedras Ramos

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Latin virtuoso guitarist and composer Hedras Ramos has just released a new mind-blowing album titled ‘The Impressionist’ and features bassist Simon Grove (Plini) and drummer (Sky Harbor, the Intervals). The album signals a decidedly new modern direction for Hedras artistically, sonically and in compositional sense.


With ‘The Impressionist’, Hedras draws from his past influences as well as the new and fuses them into a coherent whole with his own indelible and original stylistic stamp. Compositionally adventurous, the album incorporates elements of prog, fusion, shred and modern metal seamlessly with Hedras’ incredible technique focused on complementing and enhancing the spirit of the songs.


For the new sonic direction which involves ultra-heavy detuned riffs as well as squeaky clean tones and everything in between, Hedras employed his new Cort prototype 8-string guitar. Check out the new videos of some of the tunes from this incredible album:

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