Frank Gambale - 2017 Europe Clinic Tour Review

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Legendary fusion virtuoso and composer Frank Gambale embarked on a clinic tour of Europe in October, thrilling and inspiring fans with his mind-blowing technique and musicianship as well as his insights into creating music and succeeding in the fickle music industry. Although known primarily as an electric guitar virtuoso in the jazz-fusion genre, Frank has showed another side of his artistry with the acoustic guitar, an instrument he has loved dearly for many years.


Frank’s tour of Europe featured his Cort Signature acoustic-electric Luxe which he played a major role in designing from the ground up with Cort’s engineers and manufacturing staff. The fans in Europe were treated to witnessing Frank in an intimate environment displaying his artistry and musicianship as well as interacting with him on a personal level. The clinics were also broadcast on Facebook Live for fans who could not physically attend the events and the following links provide snippets of what an evening with Frank was like.




Oct 19th Madrid Clinic

Oct 20th Barcelona Clinic

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Oct 23rd Milan Clinic



Oct 24th Budapest Clinic

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Oct 26th Paris Clinic

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