New Acoustic Guitars from the EasyPlay Project

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In this day and age of tech gadgets and social media, getting a child or a budding guitar enthusiast to start and stick with learning to play the guitar is hard. Learning a guitar or any musical instrument takes patience, determination and perseverance – characteristics that are tested in an era of instant gratification. How can we help the youngsters and beginners to make an earnest effort to learn to play and enjoy the benefits of making music that will last a lifetime?


Cort engineers and marketing team decided to address this challenge by designing and producing guitars that are easy and fun to play for the novices, children and female players who have always been interested but were intimidated or turned off by the difficulties they encounter when picking up an acoustic guitar for the first time. The strings are hard to press down and cause pain on the fingertips, chords are difficult to cover with their small hands, and bodies are too large and cumbersome to hold.


Enter Cort’s EasyPlay project and two new models that were developed to address these issues: AF505 and Earth50. With a shorter scale length (24.75”) and the lighter gauge coated strings (.011 at 1st string) that decrease the string tension and reduces the distances between the frets, these guitars are easier to play for beginner players learning their very first chords. The 7/8 dreadnaught body or the concert-size body is easier to hold and get around on.


Children and beginners should be encouraged to discover the joys and wonders of making music. The new Cort EasyPlay collection will help them enjoy that path of discovery. Check out our new mini-site about these guitars:

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