The Evolution of our Fingerboard Wood Selection

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The Evolution of our Fingerboard Wood Selection


Cort customers will notice some changes to the specifications of fingerboard wood being used on some of our top-selling guitars. The change started in early 2017 as we set out to comply with new global regulations on rosewood.

The Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna, known as CITES, implemented new rules that restricted the use of rosewood in a preservation effort.


Cort, like all guitar companies, immediately started to explore alternative wood options in order to follow the new regulations. We saw this as a great opportunity to further refine the performance of our guitars, while also being eco-conscious.


We started to study many alternative tone-woods, considering their performance, feel and environmental impact. Instead of trying to find a single wood to replace rosewood in all of our models, we took a thoughtful model-by-model approach. We found the right wood to fit each instrument’s sound profile delivering a positive impact on our evolving product.


The new tone-woods that you will be able to enjoy on some Cort models are Ovangkol, Macassar Ebony, Jatoba, Indian Laurel, Panga Panga, and Merbau. Each of these woods feels great to the touch and deliver on great tone.


In some cases, on models that are the most popular, we could not get a consistent supply of a single wood to keep up with demand. On those instruments, we are using two different kinds of wood on the same models. In these cases, we found that both woods worked well.

On these, we show both specs on the product page and you can use the provided images above to visually identify the exact wood. These are interchangeable from a performance perspective and we know that you will love either of the options.


At Cort, we will continue to seek out the best ways to improve our instruments all while respecting our planet. As we find new ways to improve, we will continue to evolve.

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