Alessio Menconi ? Italian Jazz Master Endorsing Grand Regal

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New Cort artist Alessio Menconi hails from Genoa, Italy and spent his youth between Italy and New York, developing a keen understanding of the two cultures and worlds during his formative years. He took up the guitar at the age of 10 and developed as a completely self-taught player. Considered a prodigy, he started his professional career in 1986 playing with some of the best musicians in Italy.


Alessio Menconi’s career went on a swift upward trajectory by participating in numerous jazz festivals and winning awards for “Best Soloist” at the Gran Prix du Jazz in 1992 and as Italy’s best jazz guitarist at the Eddie Lang Festival in 1993, which is the most prestigious event for guitarists in Italy.


Since then, Alessio has been asked to perform with fusion great Billy Cobham and play with Orchestre National du Jazz. In 2003, he was the only Italian participant in the compilation CD “Voodoo Crossing – A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix” which featured such illustrious artists as Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Hiram Bullock, Larry Coryell and many others. Lately, Alessio has leading his own trio and working on solo projects as well as teaching in the Conservatory of Music in La Spezia and Genoa.


Alessio’s instruments of choice are the Cort Yorktown hollow-body electric and the Grand Regal GA5F-BW as they provide the warm full-bodied sounds that are articulate for his complex chord voicings and virtuosic soloing. Cort is proud to feature such a great talented jazz artist who continues to push the boundaries of the jazz genre. You can get more info on Alessio through the following links:

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