Go All-Out with All-Solid Cort Acoustics: Gold and Core Series

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At some point in your development as a guitar player, you come to feel and believe that you are ready for the best possible instrument for your craft and artistry. It goes beyond just wanting to own something nice; you want to reach the next level as a player and musician and express the nuances and subtleties of your style, technique, tone and touch. You want an instrument that reflects who you are and where you are going with your music. You have a unique musical voice that you want to get across as clearly and as articulately as possible. When you get to this level as an acoustic guitar player, it’s time to move to an all-solid acoustic.

Over many years, Cort has invested heavily in the development and production of all-solid acoustic guitars for every playing style, type of instrument, and price point. Utilizing the latest in CNC milling and UV finishing technologies, the finest tone woods carefully sourced from all corners of the world and dried naturally for years on end before production, and the craftsmanship of the most experienced luthiers and builders, Cort’s Gold Series and Core Series represent the pinnacle of what is possible with fine handcrafted acoustic guitars.

Building and crafting all-solid acoustic instruments takes exceptional knowhow as well as experience and skill developed over many years of trial and error. Taking that knowhow to the next level to build the highest quality premium all-solid guitars is even more challenging. The expectations for such instruments are extremely high from musicians who know and understand what great sound, feel and playability are like. Expectedly, competition is fierce. There are many fine builders but only a few can stand out as amongst the very best.


When you are seeking the very best in terms of materials, features, build quality, craftsmanship, playability and sound, the Cort Gold Series instruments deliver and are guaranteed to meet and even exceed your expectations. More than anything else, you will want to focus on the sound, and you will hear the exceptional tonal balance between the bass, midrange and treble. You want a defined, clear and punchy bass. You want a rich yet articulate midrange that defines your musical voice. You want an ethereal and sweet treble with lots of overtones. The Gold Series instruments provide all this and more. The Gold Series is what dream acoustic guitars should sound like.


The Cort Core Series is essentially as the name suggests: it goes to the “core” of the top-of-the-line concepts and features introduced and refined by the Gold Series. You can still go all-out to enjoy the core benefits that the Gold Series offers at a lower price point if you are strictly focused on the tonal benefits that an all-solid acoustic guitar provides. One major benefit of all-solid acoustics is that the woods age like fine wine and improve tonally with the passing of time. This is why an all-solid acoustic guitar can be seen as a “future-proof” investment. A great musical instrument isn’t like the latest tech gadget. You can count on it to become your musical companion for many years to come.

Whether you are a busy seasoned pro or a serious budding student, the Cort Gold and Core Series all-solid acoustic guitars provide all of the features as well as the craftsmanship, performance, reliability and sound quality for your most demanding requirements and applications. You’ve dedicated countless hours of practice as well as all of your passion and effort to your craft and artistry as a musician. When the time comes for you to take the leap to the next level of an instrument that rewards you for what you’ve put in, consider the Cort Gold and Core Series to continue your musical journey.

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