Cort Artists at NAMM 2019

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Cort’s top five artists with world class talent and credentials demonstrated various Cort instruments during NAMM 2019 at the Cort booth, drawing large enthusiastic crowds who were elated to see these artists perform up close and personal. Cort’s artists are diverse and come from various musical and stylistic backgrounds and they are able to rely on Cort’s broad experience and knowledge of crafting instruments that are not only versatile but can fit in nicely to virtually any type of playing environment.

Frank Gambale served up his brand of blistering fusion on his Luxe Signature acoustic-electric. Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal delivered a cozy and engaging acoustic set on his Gold Series acoustic-electric in his inimitable style and sense of humor. Unparalleled jazz/fusion bass virtuoso and educator Jeff Berlin enlightened his audience with his dazzling yet highly musical bass technique and friendly demeanor as he performed with the internationally renowned Italian jazz artist Alessio Menconi, providing some subdued yet sophisticated performances that were soothing and sweet on the ears. Finally, Hedras Ramos amazed and delighted the crowd with his intense chops and challenging prog-metal compositions. The performances showcased the wide range of styles and sounds that these great artists covered with their Cort instruments.

Cort thanks these amazing artists who contributed their talents and time to make NAMM 2019 the most successful NAMM event that Cort has ever held and wish them ever greater success in the year ahead.

Please check out the videos they performed on the new Cort models.

Frank Gambale · Jeff Berlin & Alessio Menconi · Hedras Ramos

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