A5 Plus SCMS Reviewed by Germany’s Bonedo

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Bonedo, the highly respected German bass online community, has conducted a review of the new A5 Plus SCMS bass. Featuring a multi-scale neck with a single-cut design, this bass represents the cutting-edge in modern bass design and construction for superb balance and exceptional playability.

"When I took out the Cort A5 Plus SCMS for the first time, I was quite surprised by how agile and handy the bass feels, even though it is a full-blown single-cut five-string. Cort uses light Swamp Ash for the body wood and that resulted in my test bass weighing just 4 kg - a truly fantastic weight for a multi-scale single-cut bass. For an enhanced amplified sound, the A5 Plus SCMS features two diagonally mounted Bartolini MK-1 soapbar pickups and the Bartolini MK-1 electronics. These pickups and electronics deliver the natural and organic acoustic character of the instrument to your amplification systems without coloration.”


The multi-scale feature provides a different scale length for each string with more length and tension for the lower strings for improved definition and punch. The neck-thru-body construction also delivers enhanced sustain and focused sound across the entire range of the fretboard.

Premium materials are used throughout with lightweight Swamp Ash for the wings, Spalted Maple top, and 5-piece neck-thru-body with Maple and PangaPanga (an African hardwood) provide an exceptional foundation for a balanced and robust acoustic sonic character. The strings are anchored by individual hardtail bridge unit for each string to reduce crosstalk for excellent articulation. The Hipshot Ultralite machine heads greatly reduce the overall weight while providing superb functionality and tuning stability.

The materials are complemented by Bartolini pickups and the MK-1 preamp to deliver the natural acoustic tone to the amplifier with exceptional clarity, flexibility and versatility. Designed and built with the most discriminating pro players in mind, the A5 Plus SCMS is the pinnacle of Cort’s experience and skills in building world-class basses.

Click here to see the A5 Plus SCMS review by Bonedo written in German

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