Acoustic Guitar Magazine Reviews the Cort CJ-Retro

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The prestigious Acoustic Guitar magazine has published an in-depth written review of the new and unique CJ-Retro jumbo acoustic-electric guitar by a senior editor Craig Dalton with the video sound demonstrations by Greg Olwell. Featuring a jumbo-sized body with Fishman preamp, the CJ-Retro is a visual treat with the tasteful vintage-style appointments as well as a big warm acoustic sound for both live and studio usage. “ Whether fingerpicked or strummed, the guitar’s tonality came through clean, clear, and nicely balanced. I was also impressed with how well it stayed in tune outdoors on a hot summer day”


Ideal for beginners and intermediate players as well as for working musicians who seek value as well as high quality, the CJ-Retro is versatile enough for campfire playing with its loud acoustic volume or on the concert stage with its built-in Fishman electronics with volume, treble and bass controls to tailor your sound. “The guitar’s Fishman Neo-D magnetic humbucker pickup and VTB EQ created a well-balanced delivery across all the strings. In electric-guitar fashion, the volume, treble, and bass controls are mounted on the guitar’s top, which is great for quick adjustments on stage.”


The CJ is the only jumbo-body size acoustic guitar series in Cort’s entire acoustic guitar lineup, but plans are in motion at Cort to get more input from acoustic players and artists to develop new models in the future. There is nothing quite like the huge sound of the jumbo acoustic and CJ-Retro is a good place to start for those who are curious.

Please check out the full review from the Acoustic Guitar Magazine. 

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