Cort is the manufacturer and supplier of the world’s best guitars and takes responsibilities for its products from start to finish. Fueled by a devotion to design and backed by over 50 years of knowledge and experience, Cort supplies the world’s best instruments to passionate musicians all around the globe. Here at Cort, we promise to never stop striving to offer musicians even better products and processes. From designers and engineers in production to managers and craftsmen, every person at Cort is dedicated to providing guitars made with the best technologies and materials that will be passed on from generation to generation.

The sustainable growth of Cort Guitars over the last 50 years and the development of the guitar industry, can be attributed to Cort’s ceaseless R&D, aimed at overcoming various obstacles in an ever-changing era, and its tireless investment in the professional growth of the company’s executives and staff members. Over the last several decades, Cort Guitars has collaborated with popular brands and musicians around the world. These precious experiences have become the foundation for Cort to manufacture the world's best guitars.

What makes Cort so different from other guitar brands is its cutting-edge production facilities and over 50 years of knowledge and experience. Cort has become the world's best guitar manufacturer as a result of its vast knowledge of the industry that can only be obtained through trial and error and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Here at Cort, we are making every effort to develop the best materials, equipment, and human resources in order to continually improve our already stellar guitar manufacturing capabilities, which stand at the very heart of the company.

The desire to make even better guitars is what has driven us to market our products beside other world-class products in various price categories. Cort offers a variety of products that meet the needs of a broad range of musicians—from beginners to professionals. At Cort, wood is carefully selected and dried and, using the most cutting-edge CNC equipment, undergoes electrostatic and UV painting processes. The instruments are assembled and tuned by craftsmen who are also former musicians. These are just some of the efforts Cort makes to create instruments that will be loved and cherished for lifetimes to come.

Cort Guitars strongly believes in sustainable development and, going into the 21st century, continues to look for ways to manufacture even better instruments. In the future, our undying passion and desire to make the world’s best guitars, coupled with our ceaseless efforts, will lead to more innovative and creative products. We invite you to embark on this journey with us as we strive to make the world’s perfect guitars.


1973 - 1983

Establishment of Cort

1973 - 1983 HISTORY


Sixty years ago, Cort was established as a piano import business by Jung-gyu Park, the father of CEO Yeong-ho Park. The business continued to grow, expanded to include the manufacturing and selling of pianos, and, in 1973, expanded to include the manufacturing of guitars. In the beginning, the business was an OEM supplier.


The company quickly became known as a manufacturer of low-cost, high-quality guitars, and the company name was changed to Cort Musical Instruments. Cort finally introduced its first Cort brand guitars to the market in 1982. In the early stages of production, Cort focused on special production and sample production of guitars based on classic designs from the 50s and 60s, allowing famous OEM buyers to more easily evaluate and review the quality of the guitars. Eventually, Cort's own brand guitars were launched and sold in the market.

1984 - 1995

Efforts backed by innovation and trust

1984 - 1995 HISTORY


After signing a design license agreement with Ned Steinberger, Cort started producing headless guitars. Under the license agreement, Cort had an exclusive manufacturing license for headless guitars from OEM brands such as Kramer and Hohner. At the time, Cort brand headless guitars were the main products representing the Cort Guitar brand.


As it continued to grow and develop as a world-class guitar manufacturer, Cort began investing in new manufacturing technologies to consistently produce even higher quality products. In 1993, Cort achieved a significant leap in finish technology by applying the electrostatic painting method to production.


While other brands were still mass-producing plywood guitars, Cort began manufacturing solid front-panel acoustic guitars, taking the lead in the guitar manufacturing industry in Asia. Earth Series acoustic guitars were introduced to the market as solid top front-panel guitars; since their introduction, these guitars have become a signature part of the Cort acoustic line-up.


Soon after its introduction of the Earth Series, Cort used its artistic sensibilities and skillful production capabilities to introduce the high-end Artisan Series bass guitars. The series was groundbreaking in the guitar and bass guitar markets because it featured high-quality instruments at competitive prices. The Artisan Series is one of Cort's main series and highly acknowledged in the electric bass guitar market.

1995 - 2013

Advancing into the world

1995 - 2013 HISTORY


In 1995, Cort established a new electric guitar factory in Surabaya, Indonesia. Indonesia has far greater price competitiveness than Korea and is the optimal place to produce low-to-mid price instruments.


To overcome the rising labor costs in Korea, Cort built a new acoustic guitar factory in Dalian, China. Dalian is a place with the optimal climate and humidity to produce acoustic guitars.


The acoustic guitar body-neck joint method was changed from the conventional dowel joint method to the dovetail method. This improved the sound and stability of the guitars.


Cort established the Cort Custom Shop to introduce the Limited Edition and Masterpiece Series. These series were designed to meet market demands for high-quality guitars sold at reasonable prices. Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for quality, Cort began manufacturing all solid acoustic guitars. This was the most significant first step of Cort's continuous efforts to create only top quality products.


Cort introduced Curbow bass guitars in collaboration with Greg Curbow, who is a famous bass guitar designer and bass guitar builder. This marked the first time Cort collaborated with guitar designers and showed the world its innovative and cutting-edge technology, even if on a small scale.


Cort released the X Series. This expanded Cort's product range and satisfied market demands for superstrat style guitars.

2014 -

Looking toward the future

2014 - HISTORY


Jeff Berlin, who is a famous jazz fusion bassist, joined the lineup of Cort artists with his own Cort model. This provided Cort with a good opportunity to prove the legitimacy of its already strong bass line-up.


Cort applied UV finishing technology to production as a result of its increased focus on improving its manufacturing technologies.


Mathew Bellamy, who is the front man of the most influential and famous alternative rock band, Muse, became one of Cort's signature model artists (MBC-1)


Cort added the nitro-cellulose spray finishing method to production for users desiring the look and feel of a vintage guitar.


Frank Gambale, who is a legendary fusion guitarist, became a signature Cort model artist. His signature model was crafted using his own specifications. This characteristic model strengthened Cort's desire and willingness to try new things and exchange ideas with leading artists to create innovative next-generation guitars.
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